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I started writing Ramblings back in early 2000.  I had just graduated from college and started working in earnest.  The initial email was a fluky thing I did, perhaps in response to a suggestion from a friend.


I only sent it to a few people at first, most of whom were hometown friends away at college or new friends I met while visiting those friends.  Very shortly it became a weekly thing (I believe at a friend's suggestion) and the name John's Weekly Ramblings came about.


My stated goal was to keep in touch with friends.  My real goal was to keep in touch with a girl who lived a couple hundred miles away.  That did not work out so well.


Weekly.  No shit.  I was pretty consistent for the first two full years.  Volumes I and II, a combined 104 Ramblings, each took approximately a year to complete (Volume II was a little longer than a year, I guess).  Volume III took just under 3 years, I believe, and Volume IV, still underway, was started at the end of 2004.


Fairly early on on Volume IV, I changed the name to John's Worldly Ramblings.  See, I got to keep the same initials.  Although the frequency of the Ramblings dropped significantly, I certainly hope the quality has improved (both stylistically and in the topics covered), but I guarantee nothing.

I will continue to post the old Ramblings here over time so we can all marvel in the things I once said.  Looking back, I can hardly believe some of what I wrote.  I don't necessarily agree with everything I wrote anymore, but I won't hide from it...even the embarrassing stuff.


I should also thank my brother Dan for saving all my Ramblings.  I didn't have the foresight to save any of them until way later.  Thanks to him, the catalog is complete and we can suffer through the ones that are, truly, ramblings.




I don't know where else to put this, so I'll mention it here.  I'm a fan of Maddox, and have been for a few years.  There's a link to his insanely entertaining website, The Best Page in the Universe, in my links section.  I started sending emails to a few close friends; he started a website and posted his thoughts and whatnot (he started back in 1998).  The thing that I think worth mentioning is that he has been posting fewer updates in recent years, but they have been better posts, no doubt in my mind. 


That's it.


Go fuck yourself, San Diego.


Copyright 2011 John Lemut