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JWR 3.36 - Police Seize Excrement Catapult


On Tuesday I was driving to Milwaukee to take my friend Jeff to the DMV.  I was driving on Hwy 20 toward the I and was in the left lane.  I had to get over to the right lane to get on the on-ramp.  There were several cars in a tight pack ahead of me in the right lane and a couple beside me and behind me.  The speed limit dropped from 55 to 45, so I decreased my speed from 65 to 55.  After a few seconds it became apparent that the traffic to my right was moving slower than me slightly, so in order to get to the right, Iíd have to punch it up to 90 and probably still not make it, or drop my speed more and allow the cars in the right lane to pass me.  Intelligently, I slowed to 45, the posted speed limit.


The white pickup with trailer behind me came closer and closer.  When I dropped to 45 he was right on my bumper.  Tailgating is something I try not to get upset at, especially since I have a tendency to do it as well, and I hate a hypocrite.  As I waited for the right lane to clear, I looked back in my rear view mirror and catch sight of this driver behind me pointing at me with his right hand, letting the thumb hammer drop and then raise his hand back at him in imaginary recoil of the mind bullets he had just fired at me.  I think he squeezed off four of five shots while I watched all the while saying something, probably not softly and probably not nice.  Iím not sure what he said, as I said, I was looking in my mirror and donít read backwards talk.


I deeply considered dropping my speed more and more and eventually stopping, at which time Iíd grab the lead pipe with the duct tape grip from my rear floorboard and take it either to his windshield or his skull if he got out.  But thatís not me and I just kept at my 45 mph, kept looking at this guy in my rear view and moved to the right when the way was clear, being sure to put my signal on and check my blind spot thoroughly before moving over.  As he passed I looked over at the man who was still talking to me despite the two glass windows between us.


I got on the I and had an otherwise uneventful drive to Milwaukee.


I wonder what his problem was.  I wonder where he was going.  I wonder if he beat his wife or kids because of the mood I put him in.  I wasnít concerned about him having a real gun, being a middle aged, overweight white guy.  Possibly he had a hunting rifle, but I was not worried about being put in the cross hairs.


Iíd like to believe that people are inherently good and decent.  Iíd like to believe that if I had the chance and ability to talk to him, heíd explain why he was in such a foul mood.  Maybe it was my French car.  Maybe it was by haircut.  Maybe his wife left him.  Iíd like to believe that his story is a sad one for that day and it would explain the reaction I got.  But, in all honesty, some people...just fucking assholes.




We all want what we donít have or canít have.


Iíve always kind of wanted a sister.  Although, Iíll bet if I had two sisters instead of two brothers, Iíd want a brother.  Want makes the world go Ďround.  Want is the reason behind advances and developments and conquest.  I want to be able to perform complex mathematical equations automatically: behold the computer.  I want to control the world, or a part of it: behold the wars throughout history.  Yes, Iím simplifying, but I donít know enough to be more in depth.


Want causes our problems.  The answer would be to stop wanting.  If wanting stopped, problems would stop, but so would advances in medicine and technology and so would helping people everywhere.  Because want is one of those pesky societal things that is interwoven with the good and bad structure of the world, if you pull the thread of want out, the whole thing goes down.


That guy wanted to get past me without having to slow down, but what he doesnít realize, is that I saved his life, because if I hadnít slowed him those twenty seconds, three miles down the road he would have been side swiped by a semi and would be dead.  Or, my delaying him caused that semi to hit him, because without the delay, he would have been past that site in time.


I was reading a theory about time travel in Timeline.  The way the theory of temporal paradoxes goes according to many other books, movies and television shows, as well as short stories like one I recently read by Ray Bradbury is, when you go back in time, you can damage the future by changing the past.  Simply, you could stop World War II if you killed Adolf Hitler before he invaded Poland.  In Timeline the theory is debunked by one of the characters.  He says temporal paradoxes simply do not happen.  You can go back and kill Hitler, but the event of World War II would still happen because there is not a person that the outcome of a cause and effect situation has enough significant bearing on to make his involvement paramount enough to stop it.  Consider Marconi and Tesla.  Both invented the radio at approximately the same time.  The debate still goes on today as to who was first.  You could kill Hitler, but someone would take him place and instead of Adolf being the name no one wants, it becomes Fritz.  I took it as natureís way of evening things out, making sure things happened as they needed to, as they should.  If you killed the guy that discovered penicillin, someone else would have looked in their refrigerator  the next day and said, hmmmmm...




Copyright © 2003 John Lemut