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JWR 3.33 - Anniversary


A hurried plea to a good friend:


As humans, we like to place a day in our lives in a glass case and remember it.  We like to memorialize the special day that we were born, that Jesus was born and got 2 lame gifts and some precious metal.  We also commemorate tragic days like 9-11.  We boil this down to weddings and engagements and first kisses.  I know I'm not the only person who hasn't placed sufficient emphasis on "our first date" which was exactly three months ago.


This was the day I fell through the ice seven years ago.  This was the day my grandfather died twelve years ago.


This was the day I saw a man killed in front of me one year ago.


Today is actually my mom's birthday.


I no longer consider my birthday an event worthy of significant remembrance.  I mean, I like getting beer as a gift.  That's pretty cool.  What I'm trying to tell the world and you is that when we memorialize a tragic day where something awful happened, we put a large target on it.  It says, look at me and remember that day like it was yesterday.


My point is not that you should forget; my point is you create the expectation, subconscious, conscious, superconscious, that something equally negative may happen because of the day.  With birthdays, this is why people get glum sometimes, because it's a reminder they were born this day this long ago, and just how much time do I have left?


This god-awful thing happened on this day last year.  It was this day and I have to...what?  I don't know.


I don't say forget, but know that it is in the past and while repercussions are real, emotional, physical, psychological effects are real, it's gone and it won't come back.


Can I promise?




No, I can't.  I can hope and I will and help in any way that I can.


I'd much rather you put more emphasis and thought into your birthday, the day the world was graced with your presence.


This prayer, from the heart, I hope is some help.




This is my prayer for you all



Copyright 2003 John Lemut