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JWR 2.44 - Hello, Eavesdroppers


So, no, I am not in Mensa and I donít like burritos that much.  Now, my point was: misinformation.  Can you wade through all I threw at you and see what was true and what was not?  My own brother asked me if I was in Mensa.  How well do you know someone?  Who can you trust?  The answer, children, is nobody.


What do you know about conspiracies?


Wrap your mind around this.  (Now, my facts regarding this are a bit fuzzy, the particulars escape me, but the idea is there and intact.)


There was this team of D.J.ís at a radio station who kept getting calls from these two kids.  The D.J.ís found this quite annoying, so they told the kids that they would win a prize (maybe free concert or movie tickets) if they called a phone number and said the secret phrase.  The D.J.ís gave them the number and told them the phrase was ďIím going to kill the President.Ē


Well, the kids called it and it was the number for the White House.  The kids, being kids, said the password and, as the Discovery Channel documentaries illustrate, the Secret Service paid the kids a visit as they investigate all threats made against the President.  The kids, having been found to be innocent and ignorant were let off with a talking to and the D.J.ís were fined or fired or both, again, particulars...not so much.


The point I want to make is the government did not need some kids to call the White House and say ďIím going to kill the PresidentĒ in order to know about this little event.  The air waves are constantly monitored.  Every frequency, AM, FM, UHF, VHF, all the analog and digital cable stations, and all your communication is tracked, monitored and filed.  You might be saying right now, ďThatís way too much information to keep track of.Ē  I say, ďYou only think so.Ē  You see, everything is scanned for key words and phrases; if these phrases are not found, the communiquť is not flagged, it is merely filed, saved in a databank.  But, if one of these key phrases is found, then there are a series of further filters to determine the intent and meaning of this communiquť.  The final level is human interaction where the flagged message is studied by an actual person or persons.


My point about the radio guys is that the government knew about this issue before the kids called, but they followed through with the investigation to keep up the guise that they investigate all threats made on the Presidentís life just to keep us all satiated, like they have limitations.


For examples of e-mails that are flagged for follow up examination, please see Ramblings 2.26 through 2.32.  Any mention of the Taliban or terrorism and youíre suspect.  And Iím sorry, but all of you are too, simply because your names are on the list.  And now this e-mail is, too.


Now youíre saying, ďHow is all this possible?Ē  Well, thatís called Big Business (Big Brother) which is, for all intents and purposes, simply a tool of the government to keep their eye on us.  The profit for the companies is the payoff for the loss of freedom, but we do get to keep the illusion, right?  Well, most of you do.  Sadly, Iím not quite as fortunate.


One night, two friends and I were in a secluded area on private property and they were drinking peach schnapps and I was looking up at the stars and smoking when I noticed lights and heard an engine.  I told them to put the bottle in the trunk and close it (without the cap, no time) and they made it just in time as the police car pulled up.  They were all right, but they did me a disservice by taking my license and running it through the computer--alerting the government to my exact whereabouts at that exact moment.  Yet another but of information that is recorded and kept on file.


If you go the the F.B.I. and ask to see your file, they have to show it to you.  And you do have a file.  The problem is, your real file exists beyond the power of the Freedom of Information Act.  While you can see your birth date and address and arrest record (case specific) you canít see the tabs being kept on you.


All credit card transactions, all bank deposits and withdrawals, ATM transactions, every time you pass through a toll, your license plate is scanned and recorded and reported all just to keep tabs on you.  You know how they put your I.D. in that little box at clubs and bars to see if itís fake or not, well it also is used to track where you are.  Thereís a reason everything is hooked up to a phone line, a modem line, a DSL line, even electrical.  On mapquest.com you can see a satellite picture of you house.  Thatís available on a free website.  Imagine the things they can see using the top secret satellites they have hovering over our heads.  Walls and ceilings are transparent.  Lead is tissue paper, Superman.


Hold your money up to the light and never mind the watermark of the the ex-Presidents, look at the strip that says what the denomination is over and over, that is a magnetic metal strip used to report how much money you have every time you step through a metal detector on your way to wherever.  Just in case you found out about the credit card reports.


I think they can see you through your TV although, with the satellites, there is less and less of a need for that.  But I am positive that your computer is basically their computer that you work on.  Your control can be taken away at anytime.  You know when your computer freezes?  Well, itís only frozen because they are working on something, changing properties or uploading new and improved scanning software, and resetting or shutting down the computer will not deter them because itís still plugged and and if you unplug it, youíll just have to plug it in some other time.  And if you move it, our computer has a code all to itself that alerts to its presence.


Your internet life is promptly followed.


The funny thing is, itís all for quiet use.  Itís not like if you do something illegal on the internet theyíre gonna send the feds to your door in most cases.  Only in the case where they have justifiable proof that youíre up to something--or you may just disappear.  But if youíre smart about it, youíll be fine just because what they do is wrong.  They consider it a necessary evil, but we would all call it an invasion of privacy.  But prove it.  They wonít tip their hat and this e-mail right here is being allowed simply because who would believe it?  Itís too absurd.


Thereís this fantastic TV show from the mid-sixties called The Prisoner that theyíve been showing on PBS recently.  The subcontext of which is simply misinformation and withheld information.  In a village where every resident is numbered and referred to as a number there exists one man who refuses to conform; a member of a secret government agency who mysteriously resigned one day whose reasons they want to know: #6.  They constantly switch #2ís, the village leader, on him in order to keep him off balance and to keep throwing new attempts to persuade him to give up this information.  His attempts to escape and to find out who #1 are are foiled time after time because he is always watched and the deck is stacked against him.  Everyone is against you, hence no one can be trusted.


Is that absurd?  Yes.  No.  Am I absurd?  Yes.  No.  Are you absurd?  Yes.  No.  Thatís just what they want you to think, and we can go along with it, just to keep them off balance.




That day, That day

What a mess, what a marvel

Weíre all the same

And no one thinks so

And itís okay

And Iím small and Iím divine

And itís beautiful

And itís coming

And itís already here

And itís absolutely perfect

-Natalie Imbruglia ďThat DayĒ


Copyright © 2002 John Lemut