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JWR 2.32 - It's Dan Rather! RUN!!!


Overall, Iíve been relatively pleased with the way we, as a nation and moreover, as a world, have reacted to not only the terrorist attacks, but the military action taken against Afghanistan (and now it appears weíre gonna start re-fucking with Iraq, a long overdue action).  Iíd like to thank the Rock for his inspirational words as relayed in the previous Rambling.  But I tell you, it sure loses something unless you read in it a way that he would say it.  Hear him as you see it.


As you can well imagine there are some things that I find troubling, disturbing and even enraging.


I agree wholeheartedly with the actions our military is taking.  I trust them to make the right decisions.


But something that I just read in the scrolling text on CNN: a World Trade Center victimís widow is seeking a five million dollar wrongful death suit against Afghanistan, the Taliban, Al-Queda and Osama Bin Laden.  I could not make this up if I tried.  Now, I have much sympathy for the victims and the victimsí families of the World Trade Center and Pentagon and plane attacks, but what is the point in a wrongful death suit.  If you ask me, itís all about the money.  We all know itís a wrongful death.  I would estimate that 75% of the world agrees that it was wrongful, if that is a real word.  So, what is she doing?  Sheís in it for the money.  I mean, Jesus, youíre the widow of someone who has practically become a martyr, why donít you just milk that for what itís worth.  (Probably because the most sheíll get out of that is a free pie, not five million.)  Not to mention the fact that I donít think itís really proper to bring a wrongful death suit as a result of acts of war.


I mean, if somebody killed my husband (if I were gay, that is), I donít think I would be after money. Iíd be after punishment.  If it was some random act of violence, it would be prison time.  If it was an act perpetrated by terrorists, why I think a declaration of war by my government followed by an effort on behalf of multiple nationsí armed forces to not only avenge the deaths of all who died, but to wipe out terrorism once and for all with the use of bombs and troops who will put their lives on the line and as a direct result, there will be some casualties on the good guysí side, I think that is a more than fair reaction and compensation for my husband (if I was gay, which Iím not.  Iím sorry, but itís a FACT!)


Have you been watching the press briefings with Donald Rumsfeld?  Thereís a guy who has a lot on his mind.  I respect him for his ability to go out every day and talk to the press.  I mean, he can only divulge so much.  He has to answer the same question re-worded differently not only within the same press conference, but at each following press conference.  If it were me, I think I would just break at some point and start yelling.


The media.  Christ.  Can you see the way the media is acting?  Itís quite obvious to me that theyíre angered by the amount of information they are not privy to.  Iíve seen round table discussions that have involved only reporters who basically bash the government for the limited amount of information supplied regarding the attacks.  The day of the attacks you kept hearing about where the President was.  In great detail, you got the information about where it was, where it was going until the press was no longer allowed to report where AF-1 was headed.  The press would tell you anything and everything if it would get viewers to watch.  I donít know what the percentage of people is who do not want to hear everything about the military operations, but I suspect itís a great majority.  And itís not that weíre scared or want to ignore it.  Itís the fact that we do trust our government to do the right thing.  This is not about taxes, this is about American lives.  (The more lives they preserve, the more money they get from taxes.)


And then the media chooses, because it canít report on the war as directly as it would like, to report on less significant events somewhat related to the war on terrorism to a far greater extent than is necessary.  For example, I came to work about a week after the terrorist attacks and this moron with whom I work proceeded to tell me about this report she saw on the news.  The reporters were just going through everyday items you carry with you that are potential weapons.  She narrowed her frantic railing to a hair brush.  ďThey showed how if you remove the brush from the handle, you have a spear.Ē  I showed no reaction because I thought her concern was stupid.  ďBut they showed how sharp it was, how you could stab somebody with it.Ē  For some strange reason, I had no patience at this point.  I told her to shut her mouth.  First off, she doesnít fly.  Very rarely does shy fly, so her concern in this area (a hijacker taking control of a plane with the use of a hair brush handle) is unwarranted.  Second, I told her that almost anything is a potential weapon.  If you stab someone hard enough with a regular spoon, you can do some serious damage.  What about a pen?  I think a pen is far more dangerous than a hair brush handle.  You can grow your nails long and then sharpen them in the airplane bathroom: shit, you got five stabbing implements now.  Watch out.  I hardly think a potential weapon is a big deal.  Banning knives and box cutters is a good idea.  Four-inch knives were allowed before September 11th, no longer.  But I think we can let a hair brush through.  Itís the bombs and guns on planes we have to worry about.  Focus on those because a bomb can blow up a plane.  A gun, while it canít depressurize a plane to the extent that it would fall apart as you see in so many movies, it can shoot through a cockpit door and kill the pilot.  And a knife, hey, passenger, get off your ass and earn those frequent flier miles.   I said it before, you may have the knife stuck in my ribs, but you canít stab the ten hungry for blood Americans behind me, Samir Naha...Nahaga...well, Naha-gonna get control of this plane.


And this anthrax thing.  Wow, FOUR people.  Letís all get inoculated right away.  Maybe I take this a bit nonchalantly, but I hardly think anthrax is as big a problem as the media reports it to be.  Theyíve jumped all over it because a) they can connect it to terrorism, b) they have full access to it because of the public safety issue and itís on out turf, and 3) the people will get freaked out and watch the news even more.


Anthrax is not as deadly as you imagine.  Itís not contagious.  It can be killed by sunlight.  It is a difficult virus to deliver onto a large populous.  From the radio I heard: worst case scenario...Smallpox is released and kills one third of the people on the planet.  Luckily smallpox was eliminated.  The U.S. and Russia are the only governments that have smallpox virus samples.  So, thereís no threat to an attack by smallpox.


Oh, wait, Iraq had smallpox.  We seemed to have forgotten that Russia went belly up and all their scientists left for the highest bidder with information, technology and virus samples.  You ever look at your parentsí arms?  Do they have a small, circular scar, an indentation on their upper arm?  That is known as a smallpox vaccination scar.  I donít have that.  Chances are, if youíre under thirty, you donít have it either.  Smallpox was gone, no need to vaccinate for it.  Maybe itís time to bring that back.


And just a really brief note: has the Pentagon attack been virtually forgotten about on the news.


But what I simply do not understand, condone or respect are the people right here in America who are protesting a war against Afghanistan.  Hey, sure I see the views as legitimate insofar as everyone is entitled to their own opinion, right or wrong.  I think that the last thing as Americans we should be doing is protesting those who are risking their lives to save ours.


I mean, protests in Pakistan where they hold up pictures of Osama Bin Laden and burn facsimiles of President Bush are to be expected.  Face it, weíre not loved by all.


Through all the media blitz of whatever type of shit theyíre shoveling daily, you hear reports out of Afghanistan from the Taliban regarding the air strikes.  After the first evening of air strikes they say we killed forty civilians.  Each day we killed more civilians due to the air strikes.  Just two days ago I heard that a bomb went on an errant trajectory and missed its intended target by a mile, detonating in a residential zone.  I was waiting for a huge casualty report, but only three were killed.


The Taliban calls our air strikes acts of terrorism.  Oh, I fucking love it.   You know what the Taliban is like?  Theyíre like a bunch of bitches.  They perpetrate or condone one type of activity, then when it bites them on their ass, they start crying about it.  Thatís fine though.  I think we an be the bad guys.  Iím okay with wearing the black cowboy hat for this war.  Iíll be evil.  I think being evil will be effective against a people who seem to think that killing Americans is every Muslimís religious obligation.  You can take your jihad and stick it up your hairy ass along with a couple one hundred story buildings.


Twenty civilians killed in Kabul.  Yeah, so?  What?  How many hundred civilians killed so far?  Three, four hundred?  Yeah, and?  Hey, bitch, maybe you should give me a call when your civilian casualties reach six thousand.  We can talk then.  But you already know what Iíll say, donít you.   So.  You bet your ass.  Give it up.  Weíre Americans.  We know how to use people and wear Ďem down.


Iím so cool with what weíre doing.  Iím here, man.  Perhaps we can bring something of a reform, after we kill every terrorist and Taliban moe, to Afghanistan.  Hey, Muslims are okay by me, I donít care what religion you follow.  But Muslims are just as easy to bash as Christians for me.  Easier, even simply because of the double standard they proclaim in regards to what terrorism is.  Know that I jump on dumb fuck hypocrisy.


To quote Johnny Ringo: ďI want your blood.  And I want your soul.  And I want them both right now.Ē - Tombstone




Copyright © 2001 John Lemut