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Eric Pollarine's Site Good guy. Great writer. Loves coffee and cigs.
The Heart and the Arrow Capt. Johnnie Magee's children's book.
Indie Gypsy Traveling the Realms of Creativity.
Jason Thacker's Blog A talented writer. Look for his stuff.
May December Publications An independent publisher of killer books (and ebooks).
Mystery and Horror, LLC An indie publisher focusing on genre ficiton.
Noah's Career My buddy Noah Seis. He was prom king.
Raymond Swanson Design & Photography Ray does graphic design and photography.
AnnieTown Annie Choi's blog. She's the best. Read her book.
The Best Page in the Universe Maddox. Heard of him? You should have.
The Disgruntled Individual I agree with this guy way too much.
John Steakley The Unofficial Official John Steakley Site
Sevendust The best band in the universe.
SModcast Internet Radio ...and Podcasts from Kevin Smith and friends.