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I write Ramblings, which are like essays but not as lame. Hopefully.


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My name is John Lemut.  I do lots of stuff but I also write.  That's what this site is about.  (Oh, and I guess I'm an editor, as well. And also a producer.)


When I went to college, I didn't know what I wanted to study.  I thought about majoring in math until a frightening encounter with something called Business Calculus put an end to that bullshit.  I turned my attention back to English, something I enjoyed throughout school (and spoke exclusively), and wound up getting a BA in English with a writing concentration.  But what to do with it?


My day job is a pseudo-IT gig.  I'm not certified or anything, but because I know how to cut-and-paste, people assume I want to fix their computers.  I don't.


I've been writing on and off since I was about ten, but I mostly never finished anything.  Finally, in 2011, I decided to write a story I had been thinking about for a long time (actually, it's intended to be a portion of a larger story, so I guess I still haven't finished that one [yet]).  I submitted it to a publisher that was putting out an anthology of zombie stories from first-time authors and, after a seemingly long wait, it was officially accepted. 


I was first published in May December Publications' anthology First Time Dead, and they have since published two other stories I've written.  I had another short story published in October 2012 from Indie Gypsy.  I've also been working with Eric Pollarine and Jason Thacker, writers who also first found publication success in the First Time Dead series.  I've edited some stories for Jason and, ever generous and gracious, Eric added a story of mine to the end of his book This Is The End (the 2nd edition) which I edited I also edited Eric's novel One Fine Day which I feel he gives me far too much credit on--he did the heavy lifting; I just added some commas.  (You can find links for all these stories and books in my bibliography section.)


I told Eric that I admire his work ethic; he's prolific as hell and I feel privileged to work with him in an editor/copy-editor capacity.  I'm not sure I have the same kind of drive that he does, but my desire is to put out quality stories that are interesting and unique with my blend of creativity and attention to detail.


Right now, I have no long-term goal or plan.  I intend to keep writing the stories I want to write and enjoying the process.  I've already made some good friends in the writing and publishing world and hope to continue that trend.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.


- John Lemut


updated 2/16/2013